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Thursday 9 October 2014

Radical Terrorists or an Army of Spies

Imagine a terrorist organisation. This organisation might be seen as a threat to the security in a great number of nations. Rumours abound but in reality this terrorist organisation only exists in the minds of two radical students who probably would have grown out it by the time they left university. The Americans are worried so the CIA sends a couple of agents to infiltrate the group. Unbeknown to the CIA, Home security and the FBI have also sent agents as infiltrators. The UK’s MI5, French DRCI, Finish SUPO, Danish FE, Czech BIS, and Israeli Mossad also infiltrate the group. None of the agents know that the other agents are anything other than members of this terrorist cell. Those keeping watch on the group see that the threat seems to be growing; they are recruiting more and more members. As the level of paranoia rises more and more security agencies send people to infiltrate the group. Canadian, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese Kuwait, South Africa, Norway and Spain send agents. Australia, New Zeland, Norway and Qatar are not far behind. The group keeps growing but the original two students have discovered girls and are working hard for their degrees. To them their radical dreams are all but forgotten, but the infiltrators feel they need to prove themselves to the others in this expanding group. Small acts of terror are carried out as proof of their seriousness and loyalty. As time goes by these acts need to be made more and more audacious to impress the others in the group so the infiltrators are trusted by the organisation. What we now have is a large terrorist organisation where almost everyone is a spy, so is highly trained and has access to almost unlimited 
funds. In reality the whole thing is a non-entity but is just as dangerous as a real group of terrorists.

Think it sounds far-fetched?  It has happened in the past, is happening now and will most certainly happen again.            

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